26 Aug 2016

August Oak. Reap what you sow.

August Oak. (31 x 41cm / 12” x 16”).

Regardless of whatever the final painting might be, I do like to study my trees early in the year, taking both sketchbook and camera into Sherwood Forest. Understanding a tree's basic structure helps me capture their character and know how best to place the foliage later on. But how best to express the month of August?

It’s still summer, the leaves are still lush and green, but gone are the blooms and blossoms of June and July, and out in the fields the harvesters are busy at work. So I decided my “August Oak”, the ninth in a series of one-per-month themed acrylic paintings, would be about the sun setting at the close of a warm summer evening. The holiday season may not yet be over, but the anticipation is there.

You can watch a work in progress video of August Oak on THIS LINK.

Artwork copyright Ian Gordon Craig.

Above: New fence and my fuchsia in full bloom.

Watching: The Legend of Tarzan new movie. It’s dreadful.
Reading: Paul McCartney biog., Pink Floyd biog, and Wind in the Willows,
Listening: Pink Floyd.


ginab said...

it is me, ginabeab. Was wondering the other day what you were busy doing in your art. Nice to see!

Ian Gordon Craig said...

Hi Gina.

Yep, still busy, and a little more focused. Two more to go and I'll have my set of 12 oak paintings, one per month. Then to see if I can get them shown as a full display somewhere local and therefore Sherwood Forest related.

Taken a break from entering for exhibition this past 2 years. I do okay with that, but it's such a "dead end". Never any follow-through at the end of each show. So I'm going now with the idea of producing "a body of work" rather than one-offs.

Darker months on the way, so I'll spend those more on writing. Samples of two chapters, with illustrations, on this blog.

Very nice to hear from you. I do sometimes creep around the old bookmarked blogs and see who's still out there. X